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Make sure you agree with the word of God. There is a right attitude that is needful where the word of God is concerned.
How far you will go in life is determined by your attitude. The
right attitude to God and to His word is the basis for all miracles and
[Hebrews 2:4]. For someone to bear witness is to testify that that thing is
true. The bible says God bears witness with his word with signs and
wonders. God does not need to do miracle for him to show that he is
powerful. But doing miracle is his way of doing things. He enjoys seeing
his people working in the fullness of His ability. Miracles, signs and
wonder don’t make him different than who he is, but a way of bearing
witness to His word in your spirit. it must be settled in our heart that
wonders, miracles, gifts of the Holy Spirit are all God’s will for us. And
if they are God’s will for us, our attitude must be to accept it, receive it
and appreciate Him for them. They are the will of God for us, we are not
begging or struggling for them. Lasting miracles begins with the
revelation of God’s grace. The more you are saturated with the word of
grace, the better you give expression to the divinity in you. The limit you
can have is the limit of your attitude. Attitude is a mental position in
regard to facts or things. You may not be able to affect the things happen
around you, but you can affect the way you react to them. When your
attitude to life is upward and forward, no matter what comes, you will
still be standing. How far you will go is absolutely depending on your
attitude in the word of God. Therefore, no matter what your challenges
may be, your attitude must be holding firm unto whatever God has told
you. [Acts 20:22]. The bible makes us to know that the word has the
ability to deliver to us what has been said concerning us and we must
allow our heart and mind and body be in alignment with it. Our spirit,
soul and body must be in agreement with the word. Choose to agree with
the word of God. The word builds you up and usher you into what grace
prepare for you. [Proverbs 4:20-27]. When you get the word, you have

got a place to rest. If there is anything you must look for, run after and
seek diligently, it is the word of God. In verse 25, it says keep your heart
with all diligent because out of it flows all the issues of life. Don’t allow
situations to change your confession. Put away a deceptive mouth means
not saying it as it is, but saying what the word says about that situation.
Your needs are met not based on the resources of your country, but
according to his riches in glory. God will do for you not based on what
he has told you, but based on which one you agree and you keep telling
yourself. You must run with the word in your mouth and in your heart.
You must stay put with the word. That is what God will confirm. God
will bear witness with the word you are sending back to him. What God
said will come to pass in your life by your agreement with the word.
Never say anything that is not true. Misleading word must not have a
place in your mouth. Any word that does not testify and agree with the
finish work of Jesus is a misleading word. If God told you that this year
is a year of marvels and wonders for you, your attitude must be in
agreement and alignment with it. When you take the right attitude
toward God’s word, situations that make others fall and stumble will just
be a stepping stone for you. The right attitude to the word of God gives
God the chance to bear witness and confirm the word that he has given.

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