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Whatsoever grace gives, grace can keep. Those that understand that they are lifted by grace, they have also understood to cast the burdens of Life on Him. When grace lifts a man,
grace carries the burden. The moment you are lifted by grace, grace
carries the burden and allows you to enjoy the blessing. God blessed
man, but the enemy of man, the devil, is always shooting arrows at man
so that man will fill it difficult to fulfill his purpose here on earth. What
grace did for us in Christ is that grace shut off the arrow, and lift us
above the limits, then expose us for the reality of the blessing and
teaches us to enjoy the blessing. Therefore, grace carries, grace lifts,
grace keeps and grace teaches. “For the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
which brings salvation appear to all men and teaching all men to say No
to whatsoever is not Godly..” then Grace empowers them to do the right.
And even if they fall, Grace lift them up because grace is their keeper. [1
Peter 5:6] “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God..” God is not
against our lifting, but he wants to lifts us by himself. When he lifts us
by himself, he can keep us by himself. He is responsible for our lives in
Christ. He doesn’t want us to try to do to get. He wants to do for us to
get and enjoy. God is the lifter of our head. True humility is receiving
what grace is giving by faith. To truly humble yourself under the mighty
hand of God is Receiving the gift that grace has given by faith. Humility
in the sight of God is different from what it means to man. To God, to be
humble is valuing his word. Anybody that accepts God’s word and
treasures it, to God, the man is Humble. When a man’s heart keeps
God’s word and he is living by it, God sees the man as Humble. Before
man receives salvation, he is under the terrible hand of the devil. The
devil is a wicked task master. But when he receives salvation, he has
changed level. He is no longer under the rule of the devil but of Jesus.
Just because he believes the works of grace for him, he has come under
the mighty hand of God. He has confidence in the mighty hand. God
sees it as Humility. And God sees it as His own duty to keep him safe.

God will not allow evil of any kind to touch him, be it sickness, diseases,
poverty or failure. The devil cannot lord it over him anymore. There is
provision under the mighty hand. You are under the mighty hand, you
always have victory over all situations, you are always secured, because
the hand is your lifter and keeper. [Romans 6:14]. Under the Law, sin,
poverty, sickness and diseases, failure and shame can have dominion
over you, but under grace none of those things have dominion over you.
Halleluiah!!! The bible says in that book of Peter, “Casting all your cares
on him….” Which means its not what you do once in a while. It is what
you do always. Also, you don’t cast some of your cares and worries on
him, but all. When you cast the burden on him, he sustains you. [Psalm
55:22] “cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you…” when
you cast all your care on him, you enjoy his sustaining power. Until the
burden is rolled over on Him, you can’t enjoy the sustaining power of
God. And he shall never permit the righteous to be moved. When the
Lord sustains you, nothing on earth can move you. If we read the 1 Peter
from the Amplified version of the Bible, it says, God cares for us
affectionately and watchfully. He also makes sure that you are all round
secured. All He wants you to do is to just cast it on Him. The devil
cannot devour any and every body, because the bible says he is seeking
whom he may devour. He is looking for those who will not cast their
burden completely. The devil does not have authority over you, he
cannot devour you. If the devil is seeking whom he may devour, it is an
indication that he can’t tamper with everybody. You are one of the
people he can’t tamper with. The bible says we should not give him any
opportunity. How can we not give you any opportunity? By casting all
our cares and worries on God who is our Help. When you dwell in the
secret place of the most High, that place is a no go area for the devil
[Psalm 91]. Just keep declaring His goodness and His power and don’t
give attention to the devil but give attention to the one who keeps you,
who defends you and lifts you. In verse 9 of that 1 Peter, it says “Resist
the devil and he will flee from you” resting him is a product of your
knowledge of what grace has done. That is your humility under the
mighty hand of God. Putting the word of Grace in your heart and in your

mouth. This is the how you keep the devil paralyzed in your live and in
all your affairs.

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